How to Interpret Dreams

Our dreams give us a glimpse of our waking problems and our wishes, all of which come to us during the night, if we just take the time to stop and take note of them.

Interpreting dreams concerns everyone, not just those who are already in harmony with the psychic and subconscious self. Learn to decode your dreams to access a wealth of intuitive wisdom.

Meaning of dreams: paint an accurate picture of your dreams

1- How to remember your dreams?

know the meaning of your dreams Dream interpretation is more meaningful when you have a clear picture of your dreams, rather than a chain of foggy pictures that you can hardly remember. Remembering dreams clearly is much easier when you get a good night’s sleep and take steps to remember them as much as possible.

• Keep a dream journal by the bed and write down everything you remember about your dreams when you wake up. Make it a daily morning ritual before doing anything else.

• Write everything down, even if it doesn’t make sense. Things that don’t make sense or seem irrelevant may end up being the most precious ideas.

2- Do not create a plot where there is none.

It might be tempting to connect separate symbols in your dreams by overlapping them with a plot like this, in order to make more sense of it all. Avoid this temptation, as you may obscure the real meaning of your dream.

3- Avoid using the supports for the interpretation of dreams.

Your dreams are reflections of yourself and belong to you. While the dictionary of dreams and dream interpretation aids can be of some help in a very general way, the real, serious things of understanding what your dream means will always come from you, from your personal situation. and the context of the dream and your waking life.

Recognize images and events

1- Look for the obvious

Meaning of Dreams Before going deeper, always analyze a dream at its most basic level first, and this is done by looking for the most obvious meanings.

Some questions to ask yourself about what your dream includes:

• What do you recognize from waking life? For example, you may have lost your car keys the night before and your dream shows you that you left them in a bowl on the umbrella stand instead of your usual hook on the wall. In this case, there is probably no need to wonder what the keys and bowls symbolize!

• Do you see things in your dream that you have already experienced? Sometimes we dream of something we did, a TV show, or something we read online or in a book, and our subconscious is to make it live in technicolor (basically, a free show! ). The meaning behind this is probably the simple entertainment that your mind sorts through daily life.

2- Decide if the dream reflects a real life situation.

Are there particular events that happen in your daily life that are of concern, or that lack solution for you? You can have a dream that deals with these events in a simple way. If so, your interpretation work is simple.

• If you have had a conflict with your mother, and you dream of a fight with her, you already have the answer to what this particular dream means.

• If you have a big exam or deadline coming up, and you dream of failing or missing it, you have had a dream of simple anxiety, and there is probably no need to look for a more symbol deep.

3- Decide what the dream means to you.

Dreams that are simple with recognizable objects and events are very useful. They are a means by which you can solve problems that have bothered you throughout the day, week or month, even when your worries are not aware of.

• If you constantly dream of conflicts with your mother, it is more than a simple reflection of the events of the day; It shows that this issue bothers you so much that it stays with you all night, and it is something that should be addressed in waking life.

• Dreams about real life problems that you need to solve can help you find a solution. History is full of inventions started in dreams, ranging from scientists to fashionistas.